Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rumblings From Rustic Rosie.

Hi everyone what a nice day here in my town the sun is peaking through the storm clouds and giving us a little ray of sunshine it's so nice and warm on the face,I  have been waiting for some parcels from far away lands lol well that's what it feels like as they take so long to get to us here in Ozland but oh  the excitement builds whiles I wait well today the mail man arrived with a parcel From Lydia it was a friendship page and ATC from PDA challenges that I had done so YAH I now have a start to my book and well worth the wait the girls from the site do such amazing awesome creations that I want to own a piece of everyone's Art ,I am not to good at writing things in my blog as it seems that every time I try to write it sounds all gobbledygook and I delete it ,so I have decide that what may not sound to interesting to me may be to others so sitting here in a cofy chair my little shitzu has his head upon my leg sleeping and oh boy can he snore I am just writing what ever comes into my head and just try and have it a little structured, I have been working on a few crafts an Altered paint brush this was so much fun you can see a pic on my blog also I was talking to a very dear friend who is running a dottie doll ATC swap well this made my ears prick up like my favourite Martian lol ( Loved that show) so yep you guessed it thats Cathy I am going to try this and see what creation I can achieve...ok my dear followers drop me a little message and tell me to zip it if you think I have been rambling to much or some encouraging words to make me keep trying to write on my blog every week or so may help like I always so get butt into gear and make it happen.

So until next time Love ya all Big Time lots of Huggles from Me .

Monday, July 8, 2013

Moderater On PDA

I am so happy to be a Mod on Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim I love the people , groups, challenges and swaps this site is awesome (that's one of my fav words ) I am so blessed to be part of the crafty and very talented family at the site ,I have made some amazing friends ,they are so positive very inspirational and take the time to answer questions and queries I may have love them all love their art work so throwing out a big big thank you to all on the site for making my life more fun .

Monday, May 6, 2013

Yay Blog is now officially up to date enjoy perusing my art work In the next few weeks I am hoping to have some handmade art work made by me of course to go into my For sale page .

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hi Everyone Updating my whole blog to make it easy for you to look at my art work.